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Anterior Crowns

Tooth Changes
This patient wanted curvy teeth to accentuate her femininity and also to regain some youth.


Dental bridge
Leticia has a partial upper which she had for a long time but was never able to tolerate a lower partial denture. It would get food stuck under it, they moved when she talked and ate and she always felt like throwing up. She didn’t want implants due to the thought of surgery and the longer time frame required so the bridge was the best choice for her. Now she can happy eat on her right hand side.

Cantilever Bridge

Cantilevered bridge

This patient had an over-erupted lateral upper that was loose and had a lot of bone loss. it was not suitable for an implant due to bone loss but the adjacent tooth had good bone. I made a temporary bridge for 3 months (actually 1 year – he kept delaying the final treatment) then replaced it with a final cantilever bridge.


This patient insisted on having a flexible denture. Not sure why, we could have made her a cantilever bridge or mini implant which are very conservative – I think she didn’t want any of her teeth altered or surgery. Cosmetically the result was very pleasing.

Early Braces

Early braces
Hebe’s upper front teeth were trapped behind her lower front teeth. If left untreated this would hinder the growth of her upper jaw, and if left long enough could lead to jaw joint problems or underbite problems which often can only be solved with extractions, braces, surgery or all three. By making a removable plate to push forward the front teeth, then widen the upper arch within a few months we were able to get significant improvement in the bite and width.

Dental Implants

Dental implantsThis patient was “king hit” in the back of the head while stopping a guy making unwanted advances on a girl. His front teeth were knocked out and he had a denture made. The front teeth kept falling or fracturing off of the denture. An implant supported bridge was made. Due to the loss of bone from years of no teeth/implants it is very difficult to get a good aesthetic result near the gum line. Fortunately the patient has a low lip line which covers the bone and gum loss at the anterior region.

Internal Bleaching

Internal Bleaching
Leisa had a root canal treated tooth on a lower anterior. As the rest of the tooth was unfilled, the most conservative option was to place a bleaching agent within the tooth to whiten it. You can see the result after a few weeks.

Multiple Front Teeth Changes

Multiple front teeth changes
This patient has severe wear on his front teeth and a crossbite. By making crowns for him, we were essentially able to fix his crossbite without braces or jaw surgery and were able to fix his lower teeth with simple fillings once the crossbite was corrected.

Multiple Teeth and Arch changes

Multiple teeth and arch changes
This patient had multiple missing teeth, front cross bite, broken down teeth. It is a work in progress but we have significantly improved his bite and aesthetics.

Single Broken Tooth

Single broken tooth
This tooth had a root canal and was very broken down. Marcel was advised early on to place a crown on this tooth as soon as possible to protect it but other life events kept getting in the way. Eventually half the tooth split off and Marcel was forced into emergency action. Fortunately by lowering the gums to expose more tooth structure, cementing a flexible post for added retention and adding a very strong core filling material, we were able to have enough structure to place a crown that should last for a very long time.


Dental veneers

Aleyna is very fond of chocolates and sweets and unfortunately this caused a fair amount of damage in her teeth. Her discoloured and stained 2 upper front teeth really bothered her the most. By bonding thin slips of porcelain to her 2 upper front teeth, we were able to conservatively give Aleyna a new smile that will not stain or discolour in the future (although we still tell her to lay off the sweets.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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