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Tooth Coloured Fillings

Woman sitting near window with coffee cupToday’s tooth coloured fillings offer tremendous advantages over the silver ones used in the past.

Older, traditional amalgam fillings can pose an aesthetic challenge, not to mention increase your tooth’s risk of cracking and breakage. Some people are even concerned with their mercury content.

Fortunately, composite resin fillings are less invasive, reducing pressure on the tooth’s overall structure. Modern materials are more durable than ever, making white fillings as long lasting as their silver predecessors.

An Aesthetic Solution for Your Teeth

Composite resin comes in a variety of different colours, allowing us to select the one that best matches your teeth. When placed, it’s difficult to tell the difference between your restoration and the enamel around it.

Although white fillings aren’t necessarily a cosmetic dentistry treatment, they offer an aesthetic advantage over silver restorations. Dr Mark Chung (Dentist) can use them anywhere throughout your smile without detracting from its overall appearance.

Do you want to have your silver fillings replaced with a new, white one? It’s more cost effective than you might have realised.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Scientifically speaking, white fillings are safer for your smile in that they’re less invasive to your tooth. The tooth coloured resin bonds closely with your enamel, making it possible to set on smoother areas of teeth.

In contrast, silver fillings cannot physically bond to your tooth. To keep them in place, it is necessary to cut out a wedge of healthy enamel around the cavity, so that the amalgam can be packed into the opening. When it hardens, the tooth around it keeps your restoration in place.

Since white fillings do not require additional tooth alteration, they help to maximise and preserve as much healthy structure as possible.

What to Expect

Getting a tooth coloured filling usually takes about an hour to complete, depending on the size and complexity of your cavity. Some require much less time. To help you relax, happy gas is available in addition to numbing your tooth with local anaesthetic.

Care and Maintenance

As with any dental restoration, fillings aren’t a permanent fix for damaged teeth. But they buy time. It takes ongoing care (including daily brushing and flossing) as well as regular checkups to ensure they’re performing properly.

If you tend to clench and grind your teeth, it could cause your fillings and other dental work to crack or break the teeth around them. Wearing a protective night guard can help extend the lifespan of your new restorations.

Do I Have a Cavity?

Let Dr Chung know if you’re experiencing any of these common symptoms of tooth decay:

  • Sensitivity when you eat or drink
  • Rough edges on a particular tooth
  • Food getting stuck when you eat
  • Pain when you bite down
  • Visible darkening and discoloration

During your exam, we’ll evaluate your tooth and take a small X-ray to determine the extent of the decay to see if a white filling is appropriate.

Schedule an Exam Today

Don’t let your cavity spread to the neighbouring teeth. Contact us today for a small Artarmon tooth colored filling to stop decay in its tracks.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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